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  • Diversified product
    Diversified product

    Levima Advanced Materials follows the principle of “openness and interaction, taking customers as the center” to seek market leadership and optimize product structure. The high-end EVA, PP, EOD and other advanced materials and refined chemical products are widely applied to many industries such as plastics, photovoltaic, cables, household chemicals, textiles, building construction, roads & bridges, leather, painting and other fields. The products are popular domestically and sold far to America, Europe and Southeast Asian countries and regions.

  • Sales service
    Sales service

    Levima Advanced Materials obeys the sales concept of “Customer First, comprehensive Service and Trustworthiness” to combine with 24-hours on-line and door-to-door services. It realizes end-to-end safe delivery via a sound logistics system. Moreover, professionalized sales team traces customer application and feedback, and adjusts product index and process quickly according to the demand to provide customers with personalized customization of products.

  • Technical service
    Technical service

    Technical service team adheres to the principle of “Sound Technology and Value-Added Innovation” and provides on-spot support, immediately solving relevant issues during product trial and application. The team also provides customers with applicable formula services to help customers adjust the their formula and technical process; Further more, according to the requirements from customers on production process, the team provides customers with comprehensive technical solutions to relevant industries to help customers realize high-quality production.

  • Consulting service
    Consulting service

    Levima Advanced Materials, with its full enthusiasm, provides customers with complete and comprehensive consultation services on product category, application performance, technical index, packaging specification, supply information, logistics mode, application evaluation, pricing, quality inspection, and etc., as well as accepts advice, suggestion or complaint from customers in a timely manner to raise customer satisfaction.

  • Production and R & D
    Technological Innovation
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